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Still AFK

Kimble believes there have been too many puppy pictures lately. He insists on equal time for kittehs.

equal time for kittehs

Still out in The World,scheduling this post from the paaaaast! *waves hands in a woo-woo fashion*

Superdork:The Remote Edition

Hello! I am posting this from yesterday. At the time this is scheduled to post,I will be heading to SeaTac and thence off into the big,wide world of Having Conversations With Total Strangers All Day Long,and Wearing Proper Pants Instead Of Sweats,and Washing My Hair Every Day.

Scary stuff!

Anyway,I thought you might get a funny out of my pre-travel preparations. You know how you spend the last few days before a trip racing around to gather things up,and suddenly remembering key items,and wondering if you’ve packed everything? Ha ha,I don’t!

I keep a “pack list”This is archived in my spiral bound notebook of-the-moment. I write down every item,sorted by general category. A few days before my trip,I copy over the last pack list into my current notebook,then add and remove items as necessary.

pack list

I was going to show you my pack list,but Kimble sat on it,and refused to get off. Oh well.

Moving on –the day before I leave,I gather everything into a huge pile on a nearby countertop.

This is the stealth packing phase of the effort. If I were to actually pull out my suitcase and start putting things in,the cats would twig to what’s happening,and they would make the rest of my night a misery.


This doesn’t take very long. I just walk around with my pack list,and fetch items in the order they appear on the pack list.

I like to put things in Ziploc bags based on item type. This helps keep things together,and also ensures that I have extra Ziplocs in case of need.


See? He doesn’t suspect a thing!

Just before I leave,one of the last things I do is chuck everything into my suitcase or carry-on one by one. I make a tick mark beside each item on my pack list,so I don’t have to wonder “Did I really pack my digital camera?”

This action strikes terror into the heart of the cats. By the time I set down the casserole dishes full of five days of food,they’re absolutely beside themselves. (Don’t worry,I have a catsitter lined up for daily visits.)

I’m pretty sure that five minutes after I leave,they forget that I ever existed.

And then I’m on the road!

People have laughed when I tell them about my pack list method. Then they confess that they forgot their shoes or their camera battery or something crazy like that,and I laugh even harder. Ha ha ha!

Anyway,everyone play nice! I won’t be able to check comments or email while I’m gone. And hey,if you happen to be at eBay Live,be sure to stop by the As Was booth! Because I will be there! In proper pants instead of sweats! With clean hair and everything!