Episode 2:On the ability of strong odors to repel deer mice

Pine Sol?


When I went out this morning,I noticed that Pine Sol’s smell,while strong,is also very location-specific. I was surprised that it didn’t permeate the car further. I guess Pine Sol only seems overwhelming when you use it to mop your entire floor. If you just set it out in [...]

On the ability of strong odors to repel deer mice

Many of you have been asking about the mice. I wanted to hold off on an update until I had some solid information.

I would muchly prefer to repel the mice,rather than to evict them by lethal means. For one thing (as you know if you have ever had to set out mouse traps),[...]

Just when you thought the Honda couldn’t get worse…


4:53PM the next day:Well,I’m about finished with work for the day,so I guess I’ll head out and run a few errands. Stop by the post office,pick up a few things at the grocery store,pop in at the DIY carwash and vacuum the f#cking mouse turds out of my [...]