Now that’s just sad.

Tonight,on Tales From the Laundromat! Sensitive knitters with no connection to Anacortes,WA may want to look away from the following pictures.

I do my laundry at the laundromat on Commercial Avenue in Anacortes. Among many other thrilling features,this laundromat has a carpeted (?) island in between the row of regular-sized washing machines. [...]


About six months ago,I picked a walnut off a scone and ate it. Five minutes later,my face and tongue swelled up,my throat got tight,and I started having trouble breathing. (I list these symptoms in descending order of likelihood caused by walnut,versus likelihood caused by FREAKING THE @#$&OUT BECAUSE MY [...]

On Writing –random thoughts on a Saturday morning

1. People Don’t Read Anymore

Oh,so much writing! Blogging here,blogging there,communicating via Instant Messenger with friends and coworkers all day long,email –I sure do cobble together a lot of typed words in the course of a day,considering the oft-stated,“People don’t READ anymore.”If people don’t READ,then what [...]