Remedial Small Talk

About six months ago,I decided to get better at making small talk with strangers. The first thing a geek has to understand is that small talk is not,as someone once said to me,“a retarded waste of time.”For non-geeks,small talk communicates something along the lines of “Hello! Although you do not [...]

In Defense of the Indefensible

You know how people are always posting their playlists,and trying to impress you with how clever and erudite they are? Yeah. Not me.

I freely –some might say “willfully”–admit that I have terrible taste in music. Oh,I listen to a lot of different kinds of music (most people do). Good [...]


After a long,difficult week,yesterday was one of those days when drinking coffee qualifies as an activity. Like,if you had called me and asked what I was doing,I would have said “Drinking coffee.”(I keep hoping the dishes will take pity on me and wash themselves. We’ll see how that works out.)