Silly Fringe

Work on the Kerrang Radio UFO proceeds apace. I’ve sewed up the sides,now I just need to crochet on the bar code part,and finish up a few small bits with duplicate stitching.

But before I do that –why not multiply my workload by 10-20 times? It’s fun!

I’ve seen this fringe [...]


I received this email from LiveJournal’s abuse team. I appreciate that he took the time to write it up (or that someone did,and then pasted it in as a canned response). I would feel differently about the issue if LiveJournal wasn’t the blogging platform of choice for teenage girls.

—————————From:LiveJournal Support Sent:[...]

*makes “time-out”motion with hands*

Speaking of pseudo-scientific garbage (weren’t we?) I thought that everyone was on the same page about Enviga,but I just read a blog post extolling its amazing virtues,on a fairly big-name professional blog.

Just to recap the situation:

1. Enviga is produced by the Coca Cola company,in cooperation with Nestle’.

2. [...]