Get some fluids over here,stat!

O my peeps,summer has hit the Pacific Northwest with a vengeance. Yesterday it was 94 in Seattle,and today it was about 85. Keep in mind,Monday’s high was somewhere around 54 degrees.

I blame Al Gore.

Some time earlier this afternoon,I swore to myself that I would be allowed two (2) weather-related [...]


Last night I decided to wash and block Sienna before doing the actual finishing (weaving in the ends,sewing down the turned-in contrasting color hem,and so forth). I’d like to pretend that this is some kind of special technique,but the truth is that some sort of strange miracle happened,and I washed EVERY [...]



You may notice that this is being posted in the middle of a workday. Well…yes. The layoff was hardly unexpected –we’ve been discussing it for months –and a layoff doesn’t mean the same thing in the high tech startup sector as it does to,say,a steelworker.

Layoffs are [...]