It was a classic horror movie moment.

At night,the cats often jump up onto the window sill to watch the moths that gather when the living room light spills out into the darkness. They were both up there when I walked past,so I stopped by to watch the moths with them. (The cats [...]

The Digit Fund –win a Jayne hat (Updated:OR YARN)

Digit is getting better! He’s well enough to look FURIOUS,as you can see from the PICTURES! Yay,pictures!

My experience with cats is that fury is the best sign on the road to recovery. He still requires several surgeries to fix his back end (urinary tract crystals + flies,from what I understand),[...]

How to dispose of a great deal of berries all at once

6 cups strawberries (cleaned and halved),a big splash of milk,1 cup vanilla yogurt,blend well. Whipped cream optional.*

* Not really.