A Theory

I’m insanely busy these days,and it seems like everyone I talk to is,as well. (I’m ashamed to admit that I briefly mulled over the idea of adopting those Mormon undergarments,because then I wouldn’t have to do laundry as often,because there just isn’t time.)

Tonight,someone posed the question,“Why?”Is it [...]

Peep,and also,wha?

Earlier today,Miss Cheepie Von Cheepersons was discovered outside the door of the office I’m working out of,in downtown Mount Vernon.

GOD I can’t even take a decent bird picture when it’s SITTING RIGHT THERE IN A CARDBOARD BOX. I give up.

At any rate,after recovering for a few hours,she began [...]

Why do digital cameras hate red?

The skein formerly known as “Rocket Pop,”originally meant to be something else entirely,and now christened simply “Popsicle.”

And “Blended Rainbow,”all skeined up.

Finally,from a picture of Puget Sound on a cloudy day…

A paint chip!