Store Update –slash –blog post

If you guessed 9:45AM wake-up time after a 500-mile round trip by train and car yesterday,you would be correct. Actually I would have gotten out of bed sooner,but the cabin was cold (about 50F/10C),but bed was warm because I had put on a second blanket the night before,and both cats were [...]

Friday night,woo!

This represents less than an hour of knitting with the heavyweight sock yarn. Doesn’t it look like cheating? It’s so gratifying!

Please to be overlooking the strange color rendering. This picture was taken at dusk,while my clothes were inside the laundromat tumbling merrily away. That’s right:this Friday night,I did laundry! Now [...]

My Internal Dialogue

Here’s what’s hanging in my doorway right now:

On the far right,you can see a skein that Dorothy gave me,which needed to dry out before being weighed,and that was like two weeks ago. You think it’s dry by now? I think it probably is. (Psst,Dorothy –it’s 103 grams.)

Two [...]