This is a post to tell you there isn’t a post

Tonight I decided to buckle down,and dedicate my allotment of blog time to updating my Finished Knits 2007 page. Which,I discovered,had been last updated in April. Wow.

I hate these shoes,but they sure do show off the socks.

Laundry Night,Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass

Brady loves warm towels. Who wouldn’t?

I know what you’re thinking. Hey,I don’t remember an episode where Fry and Leela go to a nude beach!

That’s right! Because this scene takes place in the new Futurama movie,Bender’s Big Score,which you should go buy right now.

In other news:[...]

BFL socks,complete

I finally finished the BFL socks –it was only about ten hours of knitting,but I kept interrupting myself with other small projects. I don’t really count that as a breach of project monogamy,since all of them were small,self-contained project. For some reason if I knit something that only takes four hours,[...]