Finished:Sivia Harding’s “Gothic Leaf Stole”

I decided I wanted to enter 2008 without any UFOs*,so I ground out the last few inches of the Gothic Leaf Stole and grafted it together.

This pattern lent itself well to DK-weight Cascade 220. At this weight,you get a lot of nice texture. (Faster to knit,as well –each half [...]

HOWTO:Enjoy “Equus”

Every so often,Netflix sends me a movie whose arrival is utterly inexplicable. Why the hell would I queue up Equus? A 30 year-old allegory about the dark perils of homosexuality? (I must have queued it up after seeing it mentioned in an episode of “American Dad.”These mystery arrivals usually turn out to have [...]

One more!

I diverged from the Lobby Dishcloth mania and knit up a ninepatch at Christmas Eve dinner,and handed it over to a fellow dishcloth fan. (She runs hers through the dishwasher with the dishes. Isn’t that a clever idea?)

I spent most of Christmas Day here on the couch. Mirabile dictu! Knitting on the [...]