Project Round-Up

Last Sunday I sat down and did as much finishing as I could manage during the core block of cartoons on Fox. (7:30PM-10PM,King of the Hill,Simpsons,Family Guy,etc.) I seamed the shoulders,then picked up and knit the button band and the collar. Still to do:seaming the sides and sleeves,and knitting the other side of the button band.

almost finished cardigan

That’s it,uh,right there in the big tub.

Since I have to take off my glasses and peer real close to do this sort of thing,it’s really only suited to Sunday nights. So I’ll be finishing the finishing (I hope) this coming Sunday night.

In the mean time,I’ve started a teapot cozy. Because,you know,I have teapots. And they get cold. Shut up.

teapot cozy

This is Fiber Trends pattern Braided Cable Tea Cozies. Knitting it in blue Cascade 220 –sorry,the tag is way over there. I’ll get you the shade number later.

This is a very well-written pattern,but I’ve just gotten to the complicated bit where you have to pay attention. I don’t want to pay attention,I want to watch movies. Ah well,one must soldier on.

embossed leaves sock

And finally we have the Embossed Leaves sock,from the fall 2005 (I think) issue of Interweave Knits. I’m still enjoying this pattern,but again,one must pay attention.

What’s a knitter to do?

8 comments to Project Round-Up

  • Start something new,of course.

  • I agree with KarenJo –start something pseudomindless. You know,scarves for holiday stocking stuffers/gift to person who unexpectedly gave you something. Not so mindless that you grow completely bored and frog,but mindless enough that you don’t need to count anything.

  • Knit a hat! That’s what I do when the knitting gets complicated and my mind goes simple! :)

  • Oh yeah,something simple for movie-watching. Something with no real deadline. Come to think,if you’ve done ‘em enough they’re mindless,and you’re still planning on making more…Those Jayne hats would be perfect. The movies will distract you from how much you hate knitting ‘em! Hopefully. Or at least comfort you with the thought that you’re making money while (otherwise) enjoying yourself.

  • Yup,something new,or two.

  • Meg McG

    Dishcloths and warshrags! You can knit ‘em with your eyes closed!
    Peaches and Cream has come out with self striping yarn and it’s AWESOME. And softer too,I think they must be stepping it up a notch. There was even a pattern for a yoga mat on the ball band. Wacky.

  • Kelly

    make an afghan!

  • Magatha

    Learn to crochet?

    I’m getting the idea you like blue,very much. ;-)
    Maybe this is just your blue period.