Why do digital cameras hate red?

The skein formerly known as “Rocket Pop,”originally meant to be something else entirely,and now christened simply “Popsicle.”


popsicle closeup

And “Blended Rainbow,”all skeined up.

blended rainbow

blended rainbow

Finally,from a picture of Puget Sound on a cloudy day…

puget sound

A paint chip!

puget sound paint chip

4 comments to Why do digital cameras hate red?

  • Kelly

    ooh I just love yer color-eye. That rocket pop comes out cool.
    and heys thanks for the new desktop background with the rainy day photo! :)

  • Cool paint chip! Real cool.

  • *Nice* paint chip! Oh yeah,I want me some socks in Puget Sound colors! (Make extras,please? Or keep it in your line for a while,however you plan to do it. My brother would love those colors too,I’m thinking.) Skeins are looking very professional all re-skeined,and up on the sidebar. Woohoooo,inventory!

  • Lovely paint chip! Restful,calming,peaceful. Oh,and the photo isn’t bad either ;-)