My Internal Dialogue

Here’s what’s hanging in my doorway right now:

hanging skeins

On the far right,you can see a skein that Dorothy gave me,which needed to dry out before being weighed,and that was like two weeks ago. You think it’s dry by now? I think it probably is. (Psst,Dorothy –it’s 103 grams.)

Two skeins are hanging on the far end of that one. They are a new colorway I invented after seeing the Chiba Sky and Propwash skeins hanging beside each other. I realized that the orange from Chiba Sky would look really great with the blue from Propwash,and so Exuberance was born.

(Incidentally,on the television in the background? “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.”Possibly the single worst game show ever invented. I wish I had thought to turn off the television before taking the picture. Now that I see it,I’m too lazy to get up and take another picture. It’s so far.)

I dyed two kinds of yarns for this batch:two skeins worth of fingering (the super-big skein) and two skeins of DK,both superwash merino.

Here’s what happened:as you can see,the far skein (DK weight) has been re-skeined,and hung back up from the built-in bookshelf. When I was halfway through the re-skeining,I discovered that it was still a little damp in places,so I hung it back up to dry.

But I really wanted to re-skein these tonight, I thought. I have this slot in my schedule for yarn duties!

This is when The Other Voice piped in.

You could wind the second skein of DK weight into a cake,and knit a pair of socks with it.

But this is for sale!

It would make really pretty socks.

But that’s not what it’s FOR! It’s not for ME!



Fine. Call it advertising. You will post pictures of it on your blog,and people will want to knit DK socks. Also,pretty. Pretty pretty pretty.



And that,my friends,is why there is only ONE skein of DK-weight Exuberance hanging up to dry.

4 comments to My Internal Dialogue

  • Oh god…PRETTY. Yep,the Other Voices. I think they’re about 5 years old.

    Which reminds me,my own 5-year-old keeps pointing out I didn’t spend as much as I’d planned to at OFFF…If it’s still there,I think I needs me some Propwash. [veg]

  • I thought the same about the orange and blue when I looked at those photos. Orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel.

    I’ll be very interested to see your finished socks.

  • Kelly

    Those voices drive me to make pies.

  • Katharine

    Those voices drive me to eat pie and buy yarn.