Store Update –slash –blog post

If you guessed 9:45AM wake-up time after a 500-mile round trip by train and car yesterday,you would be correct. Actually I would have gotten out of bed sooner,but the cabin was cold (about 50F/10C),but bed was warm because I had put on a second blanket the night before,and both cats were snuggled up beside me purring like mad. (I’m surprised I got out of bed at all.)

I knit on the Exuberance sock for about half of the six-hour ride down. I think the heel flap is particularly handsome.

exuberance heel flap

This is my DK-weight sock after five hours of knitting:

dk sock

I feel it is my duty to carry the banner for DK-weight sock yarn. It is so fast! And thick! And I still have 61 grams of yarn left,which is plenty! Let’s face it,DK sock yarn gets no respeck. And it totally should!

For reals,yo,if you have a skein of (say) Cascade 220 Superwash lying around,try casting stitches onto size 3 needles (2 if you’re a loose knittter like myself). I’m getting about 5.5 st/inch,so if you’re an average women’s 8-inch foot and calf,cast on 40 stitches or so. (I have big calves! 64 stitches,here.)

If you’re using a solid-colored yarn,check out Hello Yarn’s Cable Twist Sock Pattern. It’s the only worsted/DK sock pattern I’ve found online so far. I’m taking notes on my Exuberance sock as I go along,so I might be offering a “plain old sock”pattern,for those of you who prefer not to experiment.

As an added incentive to entice you over to the Really Fast Really Warm Side,I have dropped the price on my DK superwash merino sock yarn,from $16 to $20.

Oh,speaking of which! Shop update!

exuberance dk

One skein of Exuberance in DK superwash merino.

exuberance fingering

And two skeins of Exuberance in superwash fingering/lightweight merino.

Now I’m off to start dyeing next week’s batch. I have a Clever Plan. Oh I hope it turns out well,and I don’t end up ruining a pound of yarn! (If I end up offering four skeins of superwash fingering/lightweight merino in BLACK next week,you’ll know why.)

6 comments to Store Update –slash –blog post

  • Natalie

    There are also the Thuja socks from Knitty. Plainer,but I think I might try making those as my first socks (I need man-socks for a gift).

  • Natalie

    Oh,and are you on Revelry yet? They really sped up the invites at the end of last week. I got in on Friday and it really is as great as everyone says it is.

  • Jenn

    “As an added incentive …,I have dropped the price …from $16 to $20.”People,this is a good saleswoman,here.

  • look for the horcrux pattern. it is in worsted/dk weight,as well. i did it this spring,but my yarn was lighter than i thought,and they ended up being children’s socks,lol.

  • Josiane

    What Jenn said! :)