Tea Cozy,Take 2

The tea cozy,she is finished!

tea cozy

The trick to looking like a rockstar supafast knitter? Pick small projects and fat yarn!

Pattern: Fiber Trends Braided Cable Tea Cosies (213)

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino,color “Bright Red”(and isn’t it just?)

Mods: This is a 32-ounce teapot,and I was working at the recommended gauge. My first attempt in this yarn was far too large,so I ripped back and cast on only 49 stitches. The pattern provides instructions for three sizes (2,4,and 6 cups). Unfortunately,since the pattern doesn’t define the number of ounces in a “cup,”this metric is meaningless. Since I used about half the number of stitches required for the smallest size,apparently one cup = 32 ounces.

Perhaps I misunderstand the amount of ease that a teapot prefers. Like maybe I don’t realize it,but the teapot is all,“This is too form-fitting! It makes me look fat!”It’s hard to say,since the pattern doesn’t provide finished measurements.

I also cabled more frequently,with only 3 rows of plain knitting in between cable crossings. I didn’t like the look of the cables in the pattern;just a matter of personal preference.

2 comments to Tea Cozy,Take 2

  • Katharine

    Yeah! You’re back….had some weird server error message this morning.
    I really like the cables,something I really need to learn to do. Does one really need a pattern for a tea cozy? Isn’t just a hat for tea pot. For a pattern not to provide any finished measurement seems kind of useless to me. I would probably have tossed the pattern and just measured the circumference and height of the pot and gone from there. I think maybe I will just follow your pattern ;)

  • That is adorable! I should get a teapot…Just so I can knit a cozy.