FO:Next Year’s Scarf

This scarf alternates one garter-stitch ridge of black Cascade 220 with one ridge of red-black-white yarn from Fancy Image Yarn. The stitches are slipped as per the Baby Genius Burp Cloth pattern in “Mason-Dixon Knitting.”

I can't knit it anymore scarf

I like this scarf a lot,but it turned into a short tuck-in jobbie. After four feet I bound off because I could not knit any more garter stitch. I had been nibbling away on this scarf for about three months,and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I realized that the fastest way to take it off the UFO list was…to bind off and call it done.

After all,the garter stitch will stretch,won’t it? Sure it will. Okay,it won’t,but who cares? It’s done. DONE I TELL YOU.

scarf closeup

I really like what the garter stitch does to the colors. I like the colors themselves –red,black,and white is old school punk,baby.

Nevertheless,I have yet to work up the initiative to weave in the ends so that I can wear it. It sits where I left it after taking the above pictures. I pass it every morning,as I wind Danica around my neck on my way out the door.

And so I christen thee:Next Year’s Scarf.

2 comments to FO:Next Year’s Scarf

  • KellyS

    Way cool. Uber punk. Defies the need to be long,as it is handily-wide. You rebel,you.

  • Well,if might stretch if you pin it up somewhere (firmly),and let the cats have fun hanging off one end of it for a month or so. Hey,it might work!

    On the other hand,then you’d probably have *more* ends to weave in…Um. Yeah. Nevermind.