BFL socks,complete

I finally finished the BFL socks –it was only about ten hours of knitting,but I kept interrupting myself with other small projects. I don’t really count that as a breach of project monogamy,since all of them were small,self-contained project. For some reason if I knit something that only takes four hours,that still counts as project monogamy. I was on a break.

And now back to our regular schedule of leaving the house in the dark,and coming home in the dark,and trying to take pictures of knitting after dark with the lamp turned on “high.”

bfl socks

These are knit in a skein of my hand-dyed BFL sock yarn. I believe the base yarn is Wool2Dye4′s BFL DK,but Dorothy can check me on that,since she gave me the skein back when I first started dyeing.

I made a lot of tactical errors when I first started dyeing. This particular skein was meant to be sunflower-colored. It came out in a sort of neon candy corn color.

candy corn yarn

Later on,I overdyed it in the pot with a judicious dose of sapphire blue. This transformed it into a wonderful collection of dark forest greens. Yay,overdyeing!

In other news,yesterday an exasperated old man in plumber’s overalls worked his way up the street,hanging holiday lights. So cheerful!

holiday lights

3 comments to BFL socks,complete

  • I am knitting a couple pairs of kids’socks in some Plymouth Encore Colorspun worsted that seems to be very similar in color to your BFL socks,so much so that I wondered momentarily if you had gone totally bonkers and given up the hand-dyed yarn for some El Cheapo Encore. Whew!

  • Lori

    beautiful socks! I love that colorway –is it reproducible? oh and can you tell us anything about your mug warmer? is there a recipe? :o )

  • All your goofs should overdye so beautifully! Make more of ‘em. ;)

    And the lights are purdy. I’ve gotta make sure to do the monthly grocery trip this month after it’s dark.::scribbling reminder to self::