One more!

yet another dishcloth

I diverged from the Lobby Dishcloth mania and knit up a ninepatch at Christmas Eve dinner,and handed it over to a fellow dishcloth fan. (She runs hers through the dishwasher with the dishes. Isn’t that a clever idea?)

I spent most of Christmas Day here on the couch. Mirabile dictu! Knitting on the Gothic Leaf Stole! (That’s it,wadded up in the lower left-hand corner).

knitting spot

I watched Constantine,one of my favorite movies,for the fifth time. I was a big fan of the comic for many years,and I think they did a great job with the movie (even considering the transposition to Los Angeles and a dark-haired Constantine).

I let the credits run while I got up and busied myself making coffee,and was startled to hear voices at the very end. Did you know there’s a tag at the end of the credits,an alternate/additional ending? Without spoiling anything:it’s wonderful,and it resolves the only problem I had with the movie.

Edit:Not so much an alternate ending as a little bit extra. I found it here on Youtube although the quality’s a bit crap.

Incidentally,I see that Constantine 2 is in pre-production,which frightens me a little. I’ve always figured that they could only ruin it by making a sequel. However,I see that Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis are both writing the second screenplay as well,so I’m cautiously optimistic.

Also watched Bright Lights,Big City which I didn’t really care for. It was fun to watch for the 80s nostalgia,the way no one had a cell phone and everyone had to keep asking “Can I use your phone?”and then stretching out the cord (the cord!) to reach.

It was also funny for having a street scene in which I spied a charcoal gray Saab 9000. The movie was made in 1988,and I have a 1986 model,so it could well have been my car. Seattle-area movie producers,if you need a car for the set of an 80s movie,look me up!

Later,I pried myself out of the couch in order to waddle across the yard for Christmas dinner up at the main house. Do you know,I’ve had three Christmas dinners and two Thanksgiving dinners in the last 30 days. I think it’s nothing but salad for the rest of the year.

3 comments to One more!

  • Kelly

    Aw,man! There’s another ending???? crap.

  • Kelly

    wow-I still stand alone? Did everyone else go away for New Years??? bah.

  • Erika

    Evidently! Blog readership has been WAY down,so I’m kind of on a blog vacation,myself. Regular posting will resume after the new year. (I do have one queued up for tonight,though. If I don’t post at least once every three days,family members start contacting me to make sure I’m alright.)