Finished:Sivia Harding’s “Gothic Leaf Stole”

I decided I wanted to enter 2008 without any UFOs*,so I ground out the last few inches of the Gothic Leaf Stole and grafted it together.

gothic leaf stole

This pattern lent itself well to DK-weight Cascade 220. At this weight,you get a lot of nice texture. (Faster to knit,as well –each half was only eight repeats across,and nine reps high.)

gothic leaf stole

In a word,it’s huge. Certainly the biggest thing I’ve ever knit. It’s 24 inches wide and 63 inches long,unblocked. (I myself am only 64 inches tall.) It required 4 skeins of Cascade 220 plus a wee little bit extra. Let’s say 17 ounces,and 935 yards.

It will be even larger once it’s blocked. However,it’s already so huge that I don’t have room to block it indoors. Blocking will have to wait for a run of nice weather this spring,so that I can lay it out on the porch.

gothic leaf stole

Kimble was gracious enough to model it for me.

gothic leaf stole

I’m pleased with the pattern,which you can buy from her site. It was clear and well-written,and included all the techniques you need to know (i.e. detailed information on working the kitchener graft).

My only complaint is that the chart is inexplicably printed in black on dark gray,which was cause for a great deal of squinting.

gothic leaf stole

(Chart blurred for copyright reasons.)

Now I just need a shawl pin,stat. It’s only a matter of time before I forget to hold it when I lean forward over the wood stove,and accidentally drop the damned thing into the fire.

* Except the Really Boring Cardigan. We shall not speak of this project.

4 comments to Finished:Sivia Harding’s “Gothic Leaf Stole”

  • If I ever knit a lace shawl or stole it will definitely be done with DK or worsted weight yarn. Yours shows just how scrumptious that is.

    Do you happen to have any of those colorful and gorgeous KP Harmony needles? The ones that fit onto the KP Options cables would make great shawl pins.

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful work. I hope you enjoy it. :)

  • Gail

    Stunning work. Don’t you feel exceptionally clever for creating something so beautiful?

  • The shawl is lovely! And congratulations on finished 2007 with no UFOs!