Isn’t Labor Day the one where you’re supposed to work?

Did you see how many wheelbarrows of weeds Norma dug up yesterday? I only rooted out one wheelbarrow’s worth of weeds,but it was a doozy.


But willya look at this?

no more weeds

I know it doesn’t look like much,but that represents about 50 hours of hard,sweaty work over the last two years.

I have finally figured out why hummingbirds kept running into the big window beside my desk. All day long they smack into the glass,despite my attempts to deter them. Fortunately it’s a low-speed collision,and they have always flown away unharmed.

This morning I sat down at my desk with a nice cup of coffee. For some reason I looked,really looked at the top of the cabinet.

hummingbird bait

Do you see what I saw?

Or rather,I’m sure you saw what I saw. But did you make the connection that I made?

Hummingbirds are attracted to red.

teapot unclothed

Naked teapot –avert your eyes!

Worked,though. Haven’t had a single window strike since.

Today it’s rainy and 57.2 degrees,so I’m working inside. I just finished a thorough mopping. Once the floor is dry,I’m going to put all the little things back where they belong (I call this process defragging) and then…oh man…I have promised myself I will tackle the big pile of unopened mail,receipts,and random bits of paper that collects in the nook beside the television.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it there or not. If I do make it there,will I make it back? There’s only one way to find out…

YouTube keeps failing the AVI of Mr. Burrito eating on the lawn,so here’s a picture from Mr. Burrito’s Big Day instead:

mr burrito

ETA:Success with Google Video!

If you can’t see the video,click here to watch it.

9 comments to Isn’t Labor Day the one where you’re supposed to work?

  • ayla

    Um,Ericka? It’s Memorial Day.

  • Erika

    Exactly! So how come I’m working so hard?!

  • Jennifer

    Temple Grandin would be proud of you for figuring out the hummingbird problem. I laughed,and I’m glad they weren’t seriously hurt. The image of the little guys bonking the window gently to get to your tea cozy,though,is comedy gold.

    Nice mulched area,too. I’ve been doing that as well around our house. Madison spiffily offers free mulch,probably from all the brush they pick up monthly and chip. I love this town.

  • He is the sweetest little dog!

    Did you find your Furby?

  • While I dislike weeding (and most hard work,in general),I do like the great sense of accomplishment and rather instant gratification it gives.

    Now,Mr. Burrito is making me weak in the knees! Between your blog,and Pioneer Woman’s,I want a Newf AND a Basset Hound. And we have three black labs already. So I will just ache from afar. He is too,too cute. I am insanely jealous! (for your time with Mr. B,not the weeding.)

  • Sharon

    nice landscaping! and of course Mr. Burrito…Freaking sweet!

  • KellyS

    snorf snorf…ah puppy!

  • Holy MONKEY,that’s a lotta weeds. Sad to say,I can relate. I haven’t even tackled the front of my house yet. I’m starting to get afraid to.

    Sweeeeeet bubba puppy.

    And I’m so glad you got the red out. :D

  • awww…what a cute little guy…I loved watching his excited little tail wag!