Babies of Various Sorts

After knitting four Zoom swiffer cloths (i.e. half the one-pound cone) I had to take a break from Zoom Madness.

lobby dishcloths

I knocked out a few Lobby Dishcloths this weekend. Since each Lobby Dishcloth weighs 70 grams,and a ball of Peaches ‘N Creme yarn in solid colors is 72 grams,I consider this two balls of dishcloth cotton used. Even though each dishcloth consumes slightly less than an entire ball of the main color,and little bits of the accent colors.

After that,I still wasn’t ready to go back to the Zooms. I needed some inspiration. After browsing my Ravelry queue,I decided it was finally time to knit a pair of Pomatomus socks. I picked out a skein of Patti’s hand-dyed yarn,which I think will work quite well.

patti's hand-dyed yarn

First,I had to knit a swatch. I know I’ll need more pattern repeats than the pattern calls for,but how many more?

Since the pattern chart is written to be worked in the round,I had to carry the yarn back across each side.


My tension wasn’t the greatest,so I snipped the carried yarn strands. This makes for a rather fetching fringe,doesn’t it?


Aw,baby swatch!

Mr. Burrito is getting exceptionally hard to photograph. He’s either asleep,or he’s a blur of constant movement.

mr burrito

Even though he’s a big boy now –three weeks old! –he still nurses from the bottle occasionally. (I forgot to mention that he finally did take to the bottle in a big way.)

Mr. Burrito is a very methodical eater. He suuuuuuucks on the bottle,then opens his mouth to let the resulting vacuum re-fill the bottle with air. Repeat for at least 15 minutes.

When he eats his puppy slop,he starts at one edge,and glurps forward bulldozer-style until he can’t reach any further. Then he pulls back,moves over about an inch,and starts again. Most puppies play with their food,trample it,spill it all over the place,flop around in it –not Mr. Burrito.

Mr. Burrito feels that mealtime is srs bzns.

6 comments to Babies of Various Sorts

  • Happy Birthday Mr Burrito!!!:D

  • Patti

    That yarn looks like it glows in the dark.

    He’s so cute. I know you know that,but we just can’t help ourselves from saying it. Golly,he’s cute. He’s going to be fun to play with! I’m kind of jealous,but puppies are like having babies,and I don’t envy you the responsibility part. Just the playing and cuddling part.

  • Jennifer

    The blurring of the puppy looks dream-like. I love it! It’s like getting the warm-fuzziness of a movie flashback without the Vaseline on the lens.

    Also,I am *still* impressed with your knitting velocity,even if it seems increased by the slowness of blog-time as you suggest.

    Furthermore,I am thinking about knitting microorganisms with cilia thanks to your cool swatch. :) (If some company can make stuffed Ebola viruses look cute,why can’t I do this?)

  • Mealtime is srs bzns. He’s so adorable.

    Swatching! and cutting! So that’s how it’s done.

    Any more visitations from the Furbys?

  • KellyS



  • ayla

    Do you have to use specific bottles for the puppy? Because there are several bottles–for babies,admittedly–that either don’t need to let in air (collapsable bags) or that vent air into the bottle during the feeding (bottoms with one-way valves). I mean,if he likes it this way,great. I just thought I’d throw it out there.