Now that’s just sad.

Tonight,on Tales From the Laundromat! Sensitive knitters with no connection to Anacortes,WA may want to look away from the following pictures.

I do my laundry at the laundromat on Commercial Avenue in Anacortes. Among many other thrilling features,this laundromat has a carpeted (?) island in between the row of regular-sized washing machines. This island serves as the Lost Sock Department.

When I stopped by to do an emergency mid-week load of laundry,I spied some interesting socks sitting on the island. Then I did a double-take. Wait –are those hand-knit?

Aw,the poor things. They are hand-knit. As you can see,the cuff is worked in entrelac –different colors,no less –then it appears that the stitches were picked up along the edge,and the rest of the sock was knit down in the normal fashion.

Aren’t they lovely? Don’t think I didn’t briefly entertain the idea of swiping them. But oh,the bad knitting karma!

At any rate,if you recognize these socks,please rescue them from the laundromat. They miss you.

3 comments to Now that’s just sad.

  • those are some crazy socks. they also look huge,are they? hope they find their owner.

  • Erika

    Aren’t they giant? I think it’s a men’s size sock,but it’s knit in a worsted or DK yarn. Still,though –so much work to be left abandoned at the laundromat!

  • Oh such sad,lonely socks! I hope their owner comes back for them soon!!