*makes “time-out”motion with hands*

Speaking of pseudo-scientific garbage (weren’t we?) I thought that everyone was on the same page about Enviga,but I just read a blog post extolling its amazing virtues,on a fairly big-name professional blog.

snake oil

Just to recap the situation:

1. Enviga is produced by the Coca Cola company,in cooperation with Nestle’.

2. Enviga’s supposed calorie-burning benefits were proven by the company’s own research. As a general rule,when a company does its own research,the findings usually come out in the company’s favor. (Funny,that.)

3. CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest –essentially an industry watchdog) is threatening to file a lawsuit against the Coca Cola company unless it drops the calorie-burning claims. CSPI states that “the evidence that Enviga has even a minor effect is weak and inconsistent at best,and that the claims violate federal food law and state consumer protection laws.”

Do yourself a favor and take a pass on the Enviga. Whatever it is,it ain’t science.

Speaking of consumer issues w/r/t corporate hate,I’m two steps closer to switching from Blockbuster Online to Netflix:

1. Netflix carries Maxed Out:Hard Times,Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders (which,I am given to understand,is a movie that everyone should see). Blockbuster Online doesn’t. Not sure if Blockbuster stores do or not (I’ll check next time I’m there). This is more likely an issue with distribution channels than some kind of grand conspiracy,since Netflix is partial owner of the movie rights.

2. Netflix has a “Suggest a Movie”link. Blockbuster Online’s website and help system doesn’t even acknowledge the possibility that you might WANT to suggest a movie. Why would you want to do that? WE PICK YOUR MOVIES,YOU SHUT YOUR FACE.

But oh,I do so love the way Blockbuster designed their service with the “double up”loophole. For $17.99/month,I can have up to six movies at a time (three of them from the store). However,if the rumors pan out and Blockbuster raises its prices I am so outta there.

Actually,that reminds me that I’m three steps closer:

3. All the staff members at the Anacortes Blockbuster store annoy the hell out of me,each in their own special way.

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  • I like how the writer says scientists “conducted a clinical trial”–like once proves it beyond a doubt.

  • Erika

    Hee! Or that the phrase “clinical trial”means anything more than “we wore lab coats.”

  • Gail

    I have Netflix 3-at-a-time. It costs $19.57 including tax. They don’t ship on weekends. If you return a movie on Thursday,you’ll get the replacement on Tuesday. It’s totally annoying. The more obscure the movie,the longer you’ll have to wait for it—up to a week—as they’ll have to ship it from further away.

    The good news is that they carry alot of wonderful films you never see in a Blockbuster store.

    (As to Coca-Cola and NESTLE,mega-corporations and truthfulness do not mix,NESTLE being responsible for thousands of infant deaths in Africa due to false advertising in the 80s.)

  • Sara

    Is that the “zero-calorie energy drink”I keep hearing about? (I had to think hard when my honey first mentioned it:Zero. Calorie. Energy. Drink. Then I fell off the couch laughing.)

  • Erika

    That’s the one,Sara! Not to be confused with Coke Zero,which is just a reformulation of Diet Coke. I’m a big fan of Coke Zero,actually –it tastes WAY WAY better than Diet Coke.

  • Sharon

    Coke Zero fan here (but I prefer Pepsi,course). Being a scientist (microbiologist) who is married to a scientist (metals chemist),I laugh at just about any “lab tested”claims. My husband tests drugs to make sure what they say is in them,is in them,and nothing else. If you take a drug that is life essential,don’t do generic unless you have too!

  • Sharon

    Here I am doing it agian,I forgot my Blockbuster comment…Our BB has an employee I call “Stalker Video Guy”. He walks around asking if you need help or want to sign up for the promotion of the month. Creeps me out.

  • Nestle? That oh-so-benevolent corporation that used to sell infant formula to 3rd world mothers who couldn’t afford it and had to mix it with polluted water? That Nestle’s?

    Coca Cola? The feel-good company that ignores the [literally] murderous labor practives followed by their alliliates in Latin America?

    Oh,yeah,I’m sure their intentions here are TOTALLY honorable…