Silly Fringe

Work on the Kerrang Radio UFO proceeds apace. I’ve sewed up the sides,now I just need to crochet on the bar code part,and finish up a few small bits with duplicate stitching.

But before I do that –why not multiply my workload by 10-20 times? It’s fun!

silly knit fringe

I’ve seen this fringe in at least a dozen patterns,none of which I can find to link to at the moment. To make it,you need to start with live stitches. In this case,I picked up stitches along the bottom and knit a few rows in the round just to stabilize it. Then:

1. Knit into the first live stitch,and slip it off the left-hand needle.

2. Cast stitches onto the right-hand needle (I cast on a baseline of 10,then randomize the length by rolling a 20-sided die and casting on that number of stitches). I’m just using the super-cheesy backwards loop method.

3. Bind off all stitches until you’re down to just one live stitch.

4. Put that stitch back onto the left needle. K2tog.

5. GOTO 1.

A lot more work,but so neat!

In Random Science News,I recently listened to an NPR story about how red-breasted nuthatches heed the alarm calls of chickadees. I thought this was a well-documented phenomenon,of one species benefiting from the alarm calls of another,but whatevs.

I was much more interested in their secondary discovery,which is that chickadees tailor their alarm calls to indicate the threat level. Like,“chick-a-dee-dee”indicates a low-level threat,while “chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee”indicates a higher threat. The more “dee”s the bigger the threat,you see.

I walked out to the bird feeder and waved my arms around,but apparently I don’t even rate a “chick-a,”much less one or more “dee”s. They just flew away and eyed me from the trees until I went away. Not even tiny,ping pong ball-sized birds fear me. Sigh!

4 comments to Silly Fringe

  • Er,silly question…I’m definitely sounding like an ignoramus (how unexpected),but what method do you use to cast off stitches from the right hand needle? Do you change hands?
    Why didn’t you try a crochet method instead? (That’s *two* silly questions!)

  • Now I will ne listening with renewed interest to the chickadees in our woods.

  • Erika

    Not a silly question! I guess I’d never really thought about it,but it’s pretty awkward. I turn the whole thing around,so that the right needle (the one I just cast onto) becomes the left needle,then use the new needle to cast off the stitches.

    You could totally do the same thing with crochet,but I suck at crochet. :-)

  • I saw an article awhile ago on the chickadee warning call. It said that chickadees aren’t afraid of humans and won’t sound the alarm because we’re too big.