Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best

For those of us who are easily distracted whilst knitting.

bottle cap 1

This is not a decrease round.

bottle cap 2

This is a decrease round.

7 comments to Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best

  • This reminds me of La Harlot saying that the way she keeps track of,say,25 decreasing rows is to lay out 25 M&Ms and eat one at the end of each decreasing row. Either way works =)

  • That. Is awesome.

  • Even as fantastically low-tech as it is,I’d forget to flip the cap. Or the children would disappear with it. Or the cat would decide that it makes an excellent “batting”toy…

  • Erika

    There is a certain amount of feline-related lossage,cap-wise. Fortunately I drink a lot of Coke Zero,so there’s always another one around.

    I place a marker at the start of the round,then just make myself flip over the cap each time I pass it. I remind myself it’s easier than having to try and remember whether I’m decreasing now or not.

  • A HA HA HA. My ribs hurt.

  • Heh –I’d probably turn it carefully the first few times,then have a brain fart,put it in a different spot,fail to see it in plain sight,spend an hour or so looking for the damned thing (including triple-checking to make sure I hadn’t accidentally sat on it),give up,spend the next half hour counting through a round of stitches in bad light with my glasses off –because I need bifocals –to make double-sure I could spot which row the decreases were in–

    And as soon as I finally figured it out,find the damned cap. In plain sight. On its side.

    I seem to have a talent for this sort of thing.

  • Dani

    Best. Idea. Ever.
    Thank you! I just decreased a sock toe –regularly,I might add,instead of sporadically and until it was ‘about right’thanks to using a credit card. Hot damn,that’s a good idea.