More Photoshop fun,and gardening notes

do not want nettles!

I made this one special for Dorothy,because she bought nettles. With money!

I didn’t realize people would do this.

Seattle-area knitters,if you would like to sample the delightful delicacy,hair rinse,and/or allergy cure which is the stinging nettle (Urtica dioica),drop me a note. I will totally trade you for yarn.

stinging nettles

I guess I could even mail some to out-of-state knitters. Even though the idea of paying good money to mail stinging nettles to someone I actually like just blows my mind.

stinging nettles

Nettles are a pest out here,like dandelions. I could probably pick like a pound of them without ever leaving either the lawn or the bare,packed dirt of the drive. (I would deliver unto you only the tops,for I understand this is how it is done. As opposed to how they usually end up after my ministrations,which is to say a two-foot stalk dug up with a big clump of dirt at the roots,stacked on the burn pile.)

stinging nettles

Nettles here;nettles there;nettles everywhere! They even pop up in the yard,which is an argument in favor of never going barefoot if I ever heard one.

stinging nettles

I hate them with such a fiery passion that it spills over to non-combatants like this weed. I don’t know what it is,can’t find it in the weed book. It’s probably harmless,but the thing is,it looks sting-y. So I hate it,too.

mystery weed

In Very Small Strawberry news,that new leaf is really taking off! Here,the Very Small Strawberry poses with the orange kidsox for the Dulaan Project:

very small strawberry,and unfinished socks

This morning I looked out and saw –hey! A flower bud!

strawberry flower bud

You know what that means? I WILL HAVE A STRAWBERRY! I’ve never lived anywhere I could have outside plants,so I find this exciting. Disregard that you can just buy strawberries at the grocery store.

8 comments to More Photoshop fun,and gardening notes

  • LOL –don’t forget nettle spinning fiber. [eg] Nettle-cloth is a viable use,at least with some kinds of nettle. Not sure if it’s the kinds we have up here,but hey,while you’re about it…(Although if I remember right,it’s about as labor-intensive as flax,retting and all. Not sure on that,it was quite a while ago I read up on it. And why am I blithering on as if you’d really be doing this???)

    I am so not good with plants,but–The Very Small Strawberry Plant with the pretty darned small orange Dulaan socks made me go,“Awwwwwwww!”

    It must be the annual dreaded approach of summer. It’s making me silly. We hates it. Summer,that is;not small strawberries or socks. (But it’s *still* a cute pic,for some reason.)

    And you do realize everyone’s going to be commenting,“You could’ve said I CAN HAS STRAWBERRY!”::runs::

  • I had roughly the same reaction as yours —without the photos and PhotoShop —to Dorothy’s purchase of the stinking,er,stinging nettles. Will someone please ‘splain to me how one handles the cursed things without pain? Not to mention why one would want to do so. We don’t have many where I live now in n.w. Wisconsin,but they were a frequent unpleasant surprise when I walked into the shady woods when I was growing up on the farm in southern MN.

  • Erika,the lasagna was delicious and I am feeling so healthy after eating all those nutriments. I didn’t pay that much for the 8 oz bag,and yes,I know how common they are in the woods,but I was supporting the local market.

    I would so love to come harvest some nettles.

  • Patti

    Dorothy did WHAT??!! Good lord.

    There’s something really satisfying about eating something you grew yourself,even if it’s like,one strawberry. It always makes me feel all self-sufficient,like I could feed myself if the grocery stores failed or something. Which I couldn’t.

  • nettles are tasty when they’re still young and tender,a source of iron and vitamin C exceeding spinach …use really good gloves when picking off the tops …they’re not misnamed …I’ve been stung and it hurts like hell

    I’ve used them as a natural dye source when I was spinning and weaving

    check out my Weeds Book on my PictureTrail albums

  • Carol M

    Keep a close eye on the strawberries or chipmunks will eat them!

    Aren’t nettles supposed to be good for allergies? As in drinking nettle tea?

  • Jenna

    Just found your site and wanted to let you know how much I was enjoying it.

    As for the nettles? That can most likely be filed under “City folk are crazy!”As someone who has had the misfortune to be dropped into the nettle patch a time or two (trust me,my tender backside was avenged upon my big brother! Its amazing how hard it is to wash dried nettles outta tightie whities…) the idea of buying them makes me shake my head a tad. Granted,they are tasty with a little salt and butter.

  • Sara

    I was hiking with Dad and Brother in Eastern WA this weekend. We saw an interesting mint:“Huh,”said Dad and I,“Mint family. Interesting.”A few minutes later,we walked through a patch and YOW! NETTLES! Right through the PANTS! Freaking STEALTH NETTLES. They did not look like the nettles pictured above;trust me:I KNOW a nettle when I see it. I,like you,met nettles the hard way. Also,Dad and I are wildflower buffs. We look,and take pictures,and use reference materials (plural),and discuss (Brother would say) ENDlessly. We Carry. Books. Backpacking. Really.

    Freaking STEALTH NETTLES. Ruffled,pointy leaves,wider stems,“juicier”appearance overall. I’d'a sworn it was some benign horse mint or …anything but a freaking STEALTH NETTLE. (Though later that night,when I was running out of mint tea,it didn’t occur to me to make some out of the nettles. Effing STEALTH nettles.)