You may notice that this is being posted in the middle of a workday. Well…yes. The layoff was hardly unexpected –we’ve been discussing it for months –and a layoff doesn’t mean the same thing in the high tech startup sector as it does to,say,a steelworker.

Layoffs are simply par for the course in High Tech Startup Land. A sort of after-party,if you will. This is the third layoff I’ve been through in the last seven years,and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last.



I did receive a generous severance package,the break-up was as amicable as one could hope,and I wish them the best. I have several possibilities in the pipeline already,but of course,if you know of any openings for a technical writer with a background in Unix/Linux system administration,drop me a line!



In the mean time,I suddenly find myself with considerably more knitting time than usual,at least in the short term. (And after all,this is why we stash yarn,amirite?)



And it does mean I’ll be able to spend more time with Kimble,The Amazing Self-Hugging Cat.

kimble,the amazing self-hugging cat

[NOTE] Flickr will apparently be down for two hours tonight,starting at 8PM Pacific Time. Images will not be visible during this time.

7 comments to Sleeve…sleeve…sleeve…

  • Ouch. Sorry to hear that but it could have come at a worse time,eh? When the weather was crummy and winter approaching?

    F survived a layoff today. Must be “Appease angry VC day”or something. His old boss though,the one who founded the company F worked for before it got bought by another start-up last year,well he got the pink slip.

    Are you gonna be in Seattle some? Get together for coffee and knitting? Let me know.

  • Awww,Kimble;love the hug.

    Hope the pipeline streams several opporknockities your way soon. Or as soon as you want/need,at least. ;) Must keep those kitty crunchies coming!

  • Sorry about the layoff. Good to have knitting time,though,eh?
    And Kimble is so cute,he *should* be hugging himself.

  • Erika

    Thanks,all,I appreciate it!

  • Jenn

    Best of luck with the job leads. I’ve had to find new biology jobs several times over the last five years myself. It’s never personal,and it is nice to have a week or so of getting home-type things done,but it feels *so good* to get hired again. Congrats on the good severance package,though! Sure are some happy-looking cats,too. They help. :)

    BTW,I don’t know what it’s like out West,but in the midwest state jobs rock for good benefits. Maybe there’s a university there looking for you?

  • Josiane

    I hope that this will lead you to the greatest of the opportunities in the pipeline (or to one not yet in,but even better),and that it will happen as soon as you want it.
    In the meantime,enjoy your knitting time!

  • Patti

    I’ve been working through Volt for a while . . .