Get some fluids over here,stat!

O my peeps,summer has hit the Pacific Northwest with a vengeance. Yesterday it was 94 in Seattle,and today it was about 85. Keep in mind,Monday’s high was somewhere around 54 degrees.

I blame Al Gore.

Some time earlier this afternoon,I swore to myself that I would be allowed two (2) weather-related complaints per day. (You understand,the Erika is a cold-weather species,and experiences grave distress when temperatures reach 80 degrees or higher.) And I’ve already topped that for the day,I’m afraid.

I’ll just say that the mass good-bye party with coworkers past and present was awfully fun,but that three hours on the second floor of a crowded bar without air conditioning on the second-hottest day of the year just about wrecked me. I bailed early,begged off my other social engagement,drove home,fed the cats,and went straight into the shower. Feeling a bit more human now.

I am a bit sleepier than usual,though. Last night,just as I had managed to drift off to sleep,suddenly –it was like someone was standing at the foot of my bed,shining a flashlight in my eyes. I cracked open one eye and saw that it was the moon, shining right into my face. This was so ludicrous and unexpected that I started laughing. Then I rolled out of bed and closed the curtains,and I do believe that was the first time in my entire life I’d had to close the curtains to shut out the moon.

brady's fine paws

Brady is relieved that Memorial Day has passed,which means that his white paws are appropriate attire.

4 comments to Get some fluids over here,stat!

  • Tell Brady that he’s stylish no matter what the season. :)

  • Im loving the sunshine!! it’s helping me keep my mood up while the soon-to-be-ex moves out. Will you be at the KIP day? Im planing on it! –Sara

  • Man,I’m with you on the heat complaints! 90-something down here in Portland the last couple of days,if I remember right. (Heat got to my brain…I like it around 70 tops. And prefer rain. [g]) We hates heat,we do. Absodamnedlutely. My new computer’s dual CPU’s run really hot,and they hate it too,despite an extra heat sink and fans. Gack. So my sympathies,and hope at least the timber around your place helps keep it some cooler!

    And ever notice how people from other areas of the country always ask what’s wrong with our AC? That’d be because places don’t *come* standard w/AC up here,folks. Not unless you’re paying bigger rent,or buy your own. I remember how mutually astonished a Texan and I were in a chat one time –she that we didn’t,I that they did! I was going,“You mean most places *have* it?!??”About 8 other people from practically everywhere chimed in with a yes. Not. Fair. /rant ;)

  • I have to agree about the heat too. I don’t like it! Luckily work has AC and our very dark basement stays pretty cool as long as we don’t cook very much.