How to dispose of a great deal of berries all at once

6 cups strawberries (cleaned and halved),a big splash of milk,1 cup vanilla yogurt,blend well. Whipped cream optional.*

strawberry smoothie

* Not really.

6 comments to How to dispose of a great deal of berries all at once

  • Oh that looks wonderful. Six cups of berries?

  • Kelly

    omygoodness you didn’t drink all 6 cups at once,did you?
    I would freeze em. Tend to buy more fruit at a time then I can get to. Rinse,lay out on a pan in freezer,bag em.

    But wow,that looks tasty. And no,the whip cream is really not an option on the road to delicious,is it?

  • Erika

    Um…yeah? I don’t know,about that. Half of one of the little pint boxes,about six cups if you just toss the halves into a cup measure. It breaks down to about 2 cups once it’s blended,more or less.

  • Erika

    Maybe more like four cups,now that I think about it.

  • …but at least six cups of flavory berry goodness,methinks.

  • LOL –well hey,4 cups,that’s a meal or two as well as a drink. Bet you didn’t eat much the rest of the day! Mmmm,berryliciousness. Dammit,I may have to buy a blender again. I’ve successfully lived without one for nearly 20 years,’cause I just never use the suckers. But…

    (I’ll still bitch about washing the bloody thing,though.)