The Digit Fund –win a Jayne hat (Updated:OR YARN)

Digit is getting better! He’s well enough to look FURIOUS,as you can see from the PICTURES! Yay,pictures!

My experience with cats is that fury is the best sign on the road to recovery. He still requires several surgeries to fix his back end (urinary tract crystals + flies,from what I understand),some GI bleeding,and a set of peach pit-sized bladder stones. But he’s up on his feet,he’s eating,they’ve removed a two-inch foxtail from his eye (the thought of that makes my eyes water),and his heart is audible again.

The best news is that Rachel has posted a Paypal link! Off the top of my head,drawing on my own rather extensive veterinary experience,I’m going to guess that their final bill is going to tally at somewhere around four grand. Money is tight in their household right now –isn’t it tight for everyone? –and that’s a pretty big chunk of cash.

As a thank-you for your donation,you will be entered in a drawing to win one of her fabulous sweaters. However,I have been hatching plans of my own from the sidelines!

Donate to The Digit Fund and you can win a Jayne hat OR YARN!

Updated! Blog reader Katharine is kicking in ten 50g balls of Uruguay DK 70% Merino/ 20% Alpaca/10% Silk yarn in a soft sage green.

jayne hat

How it works:

1. Click here to read Rachel’s post. At the bottom of her post,click the “Make a Donation”button.

2. Donate any amount you can spare.

3. This is the most important step! DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT THE AMOUNT YOU ARE DONATING. You are NOT ALLOWED to feel guilty about helping Digit. Every dollar counts.

4. Come back here and either post a comment,or email me directly (mechagrue –and then the “at”symbol – You don’t need to tell me how much you donated.

5. Next Saturday,July 7th,I will select the winners by random number generator. The first name drawn will win a Jayne hat knit to your specifications (or the specs of the Firefly fan in your life). The second name drawn will win those gorgeous balls of Uruguay DK Merino/Alpaca/Silk yarn from Katharine.

Everybody wins! Clicky clicky!

4 comments to The Digit Fund –win a Jayne hat (Updated:OR YARN)

  • Went there,did that,put my name in the hat. Ha,I crack myself up. If/when I win you can make a dandy warm Jayne hat for the Mongolian of your choice :)

  • Great idea,Erika! Heh –methinks I’m gonna have a drawing too. Must do a blog post re Digit *and* this post of yours as well,of course. I don’t have too many readers,far as I know,but every little bit does,indeed,help. LOL,at this rate we’ll get a Round Robin of Digit Drawings going. Hurray!

    Meanwhile,have to wait until SSD checks this month. I feel like the woman in that old Mervyn’s sale ad:“Open,open,open…”

  • What a nice gesture! Dude if the posts about Digit aren’t enough the comments are KILLER. Luckily I donated before I read all the comments…probably would have emptied my account after all that.

    Ok I’m off to find kleenex and a cat and knit. Seriously.

  • I donated to the Digit fund!